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Get to Know Us

Before you ask… PEG wasn't named after a person.

Nor is it our initials.

In an effort to avoid going down The Apprentice route and naming ourselves ‘Excelsior’ or something equally daft, we wanted a name that would reflect what we’re all about and chose the name PEG as we rather liked the definition – ‘a short pin or bolt… …that is used for securing something in place, hanging things on, or marking a position.’

So that’s what we’re here for. Marking your position with creative storytelling and engaging visuals.

Choose PEG.


Our Process


Pre Production

During our first consultation, we will gather information about your vision and discuss the potential avenues to go down. 

Our in-house team will then design a bespoke plan which will layout all the details; number of shooting days, locations, visualisation concepts.



On the filming day, we will take care of everything! You will have a minimum of two crew members with you to help organise locations, liaise with talent and create a comfortable environment for everyone. 

Our videographer will keep you up to date with content captured, and be at hand for any last minute additions.


Post Production

Our team will then work away to make your content to your requirements. We specialise in photography editing, colour grading and can also include animations.

Together, we can discuss the first draft and then go back into the editing room to add those finishing touches that will truly bring your project to life!

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We’ve worked with PEG on a number of projects recently and they have delivered exceptional results every time. Their ability to understand a brief and turn it in to an emotive piece of video is second to none. I couldn’t recommend them any higher"

Nathan Wilson, Aunt Bessie's 

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Aunt Bessie's Navilens Advert 

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